Self-paced Courses

Move beyond the classroom. Design your own learning experience, at your own pace.

Want to master the basics such as how to set up a MIKE model and view results? Build foundational skills in a quick and cost-effective way.

The modular, pre-recorded structure of our no-cost* self-paced courses allows you to fit learning into your schedule. Watch engaging video lectures and demonstration videos, take part in hands-on exercises, test your knowledge with quizzes and access helpful reading material whenever you need a refresh.

How to get started

All you need is an internet connection of sufficient bandwidth and a demo version of the MIKE software you’d like to learn. Plan to invest two to four hours of time, depending on the complexity of the subject matter. To request a demo license, please contact Customer Care via email at

What's next

We also offer several blended courses on MIKE+ and MIKE ECO Lab. These self-paced courses include more comprehensive subject matter plus the option of 1:1 expert support. Check them out.